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Retro Painting Light

Step into the past with our Retro Glow USB Rechargeable Light Painting Night Light. Meticulously crafted with LED lights and a vintage-inspired plastic shell, this night light isn’t just a source of illumination; it’s a journey through cherished memories.


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Revive Memories with the Retro  Painting Light!
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Why Retro Painting light?
Retro Appeal, Modern Comfort: Immerse yourself in the warm glow of a thoughtfully designed plastic shell that pays homage to the vintage era, while relishing the convenience of modern USB recharging.
Dual Glow Modes: Choose between the timeless allure of white light or the comforting embrace of warm light. Effortlessly switch between modes with a simple tap, setting the perfect mood for any occasion.
Portable Elegance: Featuring a stylish handle, Retro Glow isn’t just a night light; it’s a portable piece of retro elegance. Carry the radiant glow wherever you go and make a statement.
USB-Powered Brilliance: Bid farewell to the inconvenience of frequent battery changes. Retro Glow is USB rechargeable, ensuring a continuous stream of warm nostalgia without interruption.
What’s Inside:
Retro Glow Night Light
USB Charging Cable

Dimensions: 10cm/3,9inx9cm 3,5in

Material: LED lights, plastic shell
Modes: White light, Warm light
Power Source: USB rechargeable

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Beige, Pink, Purple


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